Volunteering with Cavan Credit Union

Want to Volunteer in Your free time?

Many people may not realise that at the heart of every credit union is it’s volunteers. The Board of Directors of every credit union is drawn from the credit union’s members, who have the skills and knowledge to lead a credit union. They give freely of their time to develop and enhance the services of the credit union, which in turn works to support and enhance the development of the community it serves.

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors and the Board Oversight Committee.

We at the Credit Union cannot achieve our objectives in the community without the commitment and support of our volunteers.

If you feel you (or a friend) have the relevant experience to take part and you have a few hours a month to spare, please contact us.


Credit Union Volunteers can gain from the organisation by:

  • Being responsible for directing the affairs of a local business
  • Gaining new skills & experience with a professional financial services provider
  • Enhancing personal development through targeted training programmes
  • Increasing career prospects by adding a valuable achievement to CV’s
  • Meeting like-minded people from the community
  • Knowing that they have helped the continued development of a professional service which benefits the entire community

Function of the Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors and Management play different, but very important roles in the Credit Union. The Board of Directors provides leadership and oversight. It is guardian of the mission and vision of Cavan Credit Union and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Directors are policymakers, ambassadors, partners and strategic thinkers. In addition to board commitments, Directors participate in various committees established to support the work of the Board of Directors.

The role is voluntary in nature and non-remunerated and requires investment in time, energy and expertise.

The Board of Directors is drawn from members who have the skills and knowledge to govern the Credit Union. Each Director stands for election by the members at the AGM.

Function of the Board Oversight Committee: 

In general, the functions of the Board Oversight Committee relate to assessment, evaluation and reporting on whether the Board of Directors has operated in accordance with Part IV of ‘The Credit Union and Co-operation with Overseas Regulators Act 2012’.

Consistent with the nature of their role, the Board Oversight Committee is not expected to become directly involved in the operation of the Credit Union.

The role is voluntary in nature and non-remunerated and requires investment in time, energy and expertise.

Benefits of Volunteering with Cavan Credit Union:

  • Learn new skills & increase your employability
  • Develop new interests & do something you enjoy
  • Bring your skill set to bear & have the opportunity to develop new ones
  • You can access great free business training opportunities through credit union educational programmes
  • Work on a wide variety of developmental & business projects
  • It is an opportunity to give something back to the community
  • Work alongside fellow members & people from our communities
  • Be part of something that works for the good of our members & the wider community


We welcome all new volunteers who can help form Cavan Credit Union for the future.
If you have any further queries you can contact us on 049-43317155 or email info@cavancu.ie.

If you would like more information please contact us today.

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