Card Safety

Never leave your card out of your sight when paying for goods
Ensure to carry your debit card in a secure way. This is important to prevent
theft when visiting busy tourist attractions. Take care to shield your PIN when using your debit card at an ATM.

Your Contact Details

Ensure we have your correct mobile number details before you travel. It’s vital that we have the
right mobile number for you to verify your transactions. Your card may be suspended if we can’t
confirm that YOU are using it

Save Our Contact Details

Save our Card Services contact details +353 1 693 3333 in your mobile phone in case of an
emergency such as needing to block your card if it is lost or stolen

Have a Back up Plan

Plan for your holidays by setting up your debit card for Apple Pay, Google Pay and Fitbit Pay onto
your iPhone, Android or Fitbit devices to make payments.
This will provide a backup for you if you misplace your wallet. You should also consider having a
second card as a backup while abroad

Local Currency

When using your debit card abroad, pay in the local currency to avoid incurring an unfavourable
exchange rate on the transaction. Consider bringing local currency as a backup for areas that may not
accept debit cards

If you would like more information please contact us today.

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