Be Fraud Aware with Cavan Credit Union
Be Fraud Aware - Cavan Credit Union Ltd.

Member Notice

Cavan Credit Union is warning members of the public of scams. Cavan Credit Union will NEVER contact an individual member by phone, text, or email asking them to click a link to verify their account or give personal account details over the phone. If a member of the public does receive such a call, text message, or email they are advised NOT to give any account details to the caller or to click on the link under any circumstances.

If a member is in any doubt about any message or call that they receive in relation to their credit union account, please contact us directly on 049-4331715 or email


Things to Take Note of:

  • If you are in doubt about a message or phone call in relation to your Cavan Credit Union account, please contact us directly and ask a member of staff.
  • Be wary of any text messages or phone calls, which may reference account verification or password changes. Cavan Credit Union will NEVER contact a member by phone, text or email asking them to verify their account or to give them personal account details over the phone.
  • Keep your account and log in details safe and secure. NEVER share your log in credentials with anyone, regardless of who they may claim to be.
  • Fraudsters can use Number Spoofing when they make contact by phone to make it look like they are calling from the phone number of a genuine organisation. They may then try to trick the person into divulging personal, financial or security information. Remember: Scams can take many formats.
  • Fraudsters are very good at making e-mails look genuine and can set up elaborate and convincing dummy websites. NEVER click on links in messages. Always manually enter a web address into the address bar of your browser.


For more useful information on fraud awareness read our  Fraud Brochure

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