How To Join

Becoming a member is easy

In order to join our Credit Union you must be part of our common bond. Our common bond is that you live or work within 20 miles of Cavan Credit Union or one of its sub-offices.

It’s €1 to join and €5  minimum lodgement on your first visit only.

If you are over 16 you will need to bring the following documentation (originals only):

  • Photo ID – Full driving Licence  or Passport
  • Proof of address – Bank statement or utility bill (this must be dated in the last six months)
  • Proof of PPS number – Payslip, Medical Card, European Health Insurance Card or Tax Certificate

For a joint account both parties require the above documentation. Before you come in to open a joint account – it is a good idea to decide if you want either party to access the account or if you want both parties to be present to sign for any withdrawals. Joint accounts are not allowed for members below 16 years of age.

For an infant or juvenile a birth cert and proof of PPS number is needed. We also need ID in the form of full driving licence or passport and also a recent bill or bank statement from the child’s parent or guardian.

Note on children’s accounts: up to the age of 7, one parent or legal guardian will be named as a trustee on the account for the purpose of operating the child’s account. Once the child turns 7 years of age, no person other than the child can access the account. Joint accounts or mandates are not permitted for members under 16 years of age. All withdrawals on a child’s account (until the age of 7) will be accompanied by a form signed by the named trustee to confirm the funds are to be used for the sole benefit of the child.

For a club or group account the following is needed:

A letter with club address signed by the full committee (showing printed names, titles and signatures) authorising two named persons to be in charge of the account, and those two people each need to bring in proof of ID, proof of address and proof of PPS. We also need a copy of the minutes of the last committee meeting on headed paper.