Secure Loans

Cavan Credit Union is pleased to offer a special Loan Rate of just 3.9% on secured loans. This special rate is provided on the basis that the amount borrowed is equal to, or less than the share balance. The loan is fully secured by your shares.

Many members choose to take out a secured loan as they do not want to dip into savings, or they do not want to affect the insurance built up on their savings over the years.


Benefits of Secure Loans:

  • Most people find it easier to repay a loan than replace savings.
  • On the spot approval.
  • Enjoy even lower rates than our product-specific loans offer.
  • Can be used for just about any purpose.
  • Guarantees you won’t spend your savings, as you may not withdraw the pledged amount until your loan is repaid in full.
  • Convenient payment options.


Check loan repayments here with our easy to use Loan Calculator